Uptown 5 Refurbished Bikeshare Bike

Uptown 5 Refurbished Bikeshare Bike

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The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. Its 26” low-step frame style is optimal for member comfort in mounting and dismounting and provides a low center of gravity for increased stability while riding. The frame is designed to fit individuals from 5 feet and taller.


Puncture-resistant, reflective Vera Citywide tires get members to their destination in style and safety.


Hard plastic front and rear fenders keep members clean from rain, mud, and snow.


5-speed internal gearing system. The front chainring is a single speed for simplicity and ease of maintenance. All are enclosed in an internal hub to prevent damage and rust while lowering overall maintenance needs.

Saddle and Grips

Comfortable, faux-leather saddle and rubber grips for style points and durability. The saddle’s durable material prevents water from entering to keep riders dry.


The bike incorporates custom security hardware to protect the locking mechanism. The saddle is adjustable with a quick release, but the seatpost has an internal cord that prevents it from being removed from the bike frame.


Integrated front and rear lights that turn on automatically when the bike moves and stays on for two minutes, for round-the-clock safety.

Both lights are powered by a generator hub on the front wheel, eliminating battery concerns.


Large, front basket that can support up to 20 lbs, making carrying cargo simple and convenient. The proprietary basket was designed with commuters in mind: it can comfortably fit a standard-sized paper grocery bag at full capacity. All bolts and fasteners on the bike are stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

This product requires a Movatic license. Contact sales@movatic.co for pricing.