Tempo Bike
Tempo Bike
Tempo Bike
Tempo Bike
Tempo Bike
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Tempo Bike

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Experience the city in a whole new way with our cutting-edge Tempo bike, blending style, comfort, and performance for an unforgettable ride.

The Tempo bike has been designed to be more accessible to all types of riders. It increases the longevity of all important systems on the bicycle while cutting down on maintenance, and provide an aesthetically pleasing bicycle that partners and the public can be proud to see in their communities.


  • Ergonomic upright riding position provides a comfortable and confident riding experience for riders of all levels
  • Intuitive seat post clamp design allows for easy adjustment for riders while eliminating risk of misuse or loosening by riders
  • Gloss paint with crushed glass for a completely reflective surface on the frame of the bikes provides for increased rider safety by increasing visibility during day and night
  • Front and rear internal drum brakes cuts down on maintenance and chance of the brakes becoming loose or misadjusted during rides while also increasing longevity by protecting from wear from the elements
  • Internal 3-Speed Shimano Nexus shifting hub allows for a smooth ride on many types of terrain and inclines. The external mechanism of the shifter is also protected by a heavy duty metal bash-guard, cutting down on maintenance incidents and increasing longevity
  • Solid tubed tires significantly cuts down on maintenance in all types of terrains while remaining a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Twist grip bell allows for a more aesthetically pleasing front end of bicycle while also cutting down on incidents of damage from regular riding and vandalism
  • Shift and braking cables are internally routed through the frame allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing design while also cutting down on weathering and rider damage, increasing functional longevity for the most vital systems of the bicycle
  • Metal front fender sturdier and longer lasting than their plastic counterparts
  • Full cover rear fender allows for better elemental protection of riders in all climates while also increasing the total brandable surface are of the bicycle, opening up the opportunity for more community partnerships in the sponsorship of shares
  • Compatible with OMNI or AXA locks.


Enhance the allure of the Tempo bikes for your target audience with personalized branding! Custom branding is included with you purchase! Take a look at these examples of our custom branding options.

    Product Specs  
    26.1 x 75, Alloy, TIG welded, Seat stay bracket accommodates both AXA and OMNI smart lock
    Steel rigid fork
    Alloy handlebar; stem accommodates hidden brake cable
    Crank Set
    36T*170mm, steel chainring, alloy crank, PROWHEEL
    KMC, S1RB
    F/R Hub
    F: alloy dynamo hub for drum brake
    R: SHIMANO Nexus 3 speed hub
    26” x 1.5 x 13G x 36H, alloy double wall, black
    13G, #304, stainless steel spokes with brass nipple
    26” x 1.5, non inflatable tire with reflective line, black
    Vinyl cover integrated with PU foam
    Seat Post
    Alloy with anti-theft function, quick release and clamp
    Alloy, 9/16” with balls and reflectors, anti-slide, black
    Front alloy basket with 3 pcs board, front steel mudguard, rear mudguard, steel P type chain cover, middle kickstand, rotational bell, F/R wheel reflector, front dynamo light, rear solar light

    Experience the seamless and hassle-free installation of our Tempo Bikes. Click here for a firsthand look at the process!